Close to Le Soustran …

In the surroundings of Camping Le Soustran, in the beautiful green hilly Correze you can really see and do everything. The following is a list of a number of popular activities and destinations. Click on more info for more information about a certain subject. The area is very suitable for sports enthusiasts, nature lovers, as well as those seeking tranquility and also beach, swimming and fishing enthusiasts can go here. The lake is within walking distance of the campsite. In principle “everything” can be done there. From fishing, swimming to boat trips. The big advantage of this lake is that it consists of a part where the ‘dear devils’ can go with motor boats, jet skis and water skis and a part where that is absolutely not allowed and the peace and nature lovers can fully enjoy. At the campsite we also rent canoes (can also be used for fishing).


Cycling and hiking

From the campsite there are beautiful walks across meadows, through the forest. The surrounding area offers wonderful hiking and biking trails, these are also available at the camping (gpx/gps). The lake is within walking distance of the campsite.


Geocaching in the Correze

Discover Terra Aventura, the scavenger hunt of modern times.
An activity to share with the family ! A nice adventure of a few kilometers with which you can discover the local heritage while you have fun.
A fantastic activity!
How? It’s very simple!
Download the Terra Aventura app on your smartphone;
Create your account to validate your discoveries, but also share your experiences by interacting with the community.
You can then choose your course based on the place, distance, difficulty … HAVE FUN!



The golf course, where children are welcome, is 5 km from the campsite. More info. Horse riding and tennis can be enjoyed in nearby Neuvic. Neuvic and Ussel are typical French villages.


Les Barrages

Les Barrages de la Vallée de la Dordogne, a route that takes you along some of the dams, including Bort-Les-Orgues, with nearby Château de Val. More Info.

Les Barrages

Viaduc des Rochers Noirs

Visit Viaduc de Rochers Noirs. A 100 year old railway bridge in the middle of nature. More info.


Monts du Cantal

Monts du Cantal, with a visit to the thriving city of Salers. Or an ascent to the top of Puy Mary (1787m). More info.

Monts du Cantal

Belvédère Gorges de la Dordogne

Belvédère Gorges de la Dordogne / Pont des Ajustants. A beautiful route, the tranquility, the silence and the beauty of the nature of the Corrèze and take steps to enjoy a picnic.

Belvédère Gorges de la Dordogne

The central massif

The central massif. Here is the Puy de Sancy. The top is accessible by cable car. The villages of Le Monte-Dore and La Bourboule are definitely worth a visit. More info.

Massif Central


The memorial of the Martyrs village Oradour-Sur-Glane is 12 km from Limoges. In this village, German soldiers brought on June 10, 1944, 642 villagers in a cruel manner. On this day, time stands still. The village is still the same as it was on that terrible day in 1944. More info.

Martyred Village


Collonges-la-Rouge one of the 142 villages scattered throughout France, called “Les plus beaux villages de France”. More info.


For the children

  • Diege Adventures (Parc acrobatique climbing between the trees), 10min from the camping. More info.
  • Les Tours de Merle, a castle of knights, hidden between the green hills of the Corrèze. More info.
  • Le Cascades de Gimel. Adventure trekking tour along different waterfalls. More info.
  • VAL Aventure. Climbing experiments. More info.
  • Station sport nature. More info.
  • Geocaching, see information at the beginning of this page.
  • Vulcania, 15 km from Clermont-Ferrand. Interactive park on volcanoes. More info.
  • Gentiane Express, an old steam-train tuft at 40 km / h through the beautiful countryside of Bort-Les-Orgues. More info.
  • The Wolf Park Loups de Chabrières. More info.
  • Gouffre de Padirac. (Dripstone Cave) More Info.


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