November 2019: From my lazy chair I can enjoy the view of our ‘garden’. To create a idea, we live on the higher part of the campsite and then look out over a valley towards the forest and farm. The limousin cows and calves graze all year round in that valley between the campsite and the farm. Nice brown with a sweet face. A funny and soothing face. They have so much space and even then they can occasionally graze in another large meadow.

puys met sneeuwMany times we make a detour, varying the route, starting behind the campsite and then up through the meadows towards the forest.

What I personally always enjoy enormously is the view of the Puys. This mountain range stretches from Puy de Dome to Puy de Sansy and Puy de Mary. There is snow on the tops during this time of the year. They seem so close. As the crow flies, what will it be, 80km?

Incidentally, the Puys used to be volcanoes years ago. You can find a visitor center at Puy de Mary, among others. In particular, ask about the English translation of the film about the origin of the volcanoes. Very educative. We definitely recommend a nice day trip with a stop along the way in a very beautiful medieval village.

Our campsite is located at the foothills of those Puys. Rolling terrain, hills and valleys. Forest and meadow. The garden of Le Soustran. A walk through this garden gives beautiful views.

Yet, very close to your nose you can often see so many beautiful things. A moss-covered tree bark, a mushroom (so many different ones), the burrows of badgers, a special piece of diligent construction and so much more, of course.

Our walk through the woods always ends with a view of the lake. The one time tight with reflections of the trees, the other time furious with the autumn weather.

You never get bored of nature and luckily they have a lot of it here!

* You can enlarge the photos by clicking on them, so you can enjoy the views of the Puys with snow and the hilly landscape.


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